Story by Brandon L. Parsons (2014)
Kamoho, Hawaiian Shark God
Kamoho, Hawaiian Shark God

Lurking in the churning waters off of the shores of ancient Hawaii, protecting the islands from any who would bring harm to the inhabitants, was a very special (and very vicious) sort of god. A black-finned and sleek-bodied god that struck fear into the hearts of many, even though most of the time he was providing a most useful, protective service; KAMOHO, the Shark God of the Hawaiian Islands! While there were many lesser shark-figures in Hawaiian mythology, Kamoho proved himself to be the Big Kahuna, the chief of them all.

Kamoho guides Pele to the Hawaiian Islands...

As protector of the islands, Kamoho did some hefty-duty double duty; while he wasn't chasing away (or bloodily chomping into) unwanted invaders, he was also helping guide lost fishing boats back to shore. Kamoho would swim up to the lost ship, swish his tale, and the kahuna (sorcerer or priest) of the boat would then deliver a drink to the god called "awa" or kava. Kava was known to be a narcotic drug in drink form, specially brewed for some extra kick (Monster x100). After a good slug of the offered kava (as a show of respect to the shark-god), Kamoho would then nose the boat back to home waters. As many fished the waters off the coast, it was always a wise thing to have Kamoho on your side. In the legends, it is often said that it was Kamoho himself that pushed the original settlers of Hawaii (as well as his sister, Pele, the volcano goddess!) across the great expanse of the Pacific Ocean to their new home there! Needless to say, Hawaiians today still look back to Kamoho as a founding father of their society!

Shark god lurking...
Shark god lurking...

Lurking around as a submerged, moody killing machine wasn't the only thing Kamoho had going on; he could walk the land as a human being, a dark and handsome young man (and when he did, he went stark naked, as this was considered the privilege of the gods!) Likewise, back in the water, he could transform into the sleek, streamlined, jagged-toothed killing-machine form of a shark. Using the powers of the seas around him, Kamoho could also transform into any type of fish of the oceans for any reason he so desired (maybe even the shark god needed a change of pace once in awhile!)

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As the chief of the shark-deities, Kamoho also had command over a legion of "shark-men," who started life off as greedy, nasty humans that Kamoho decided needed to be taught a little lesson in behavior. Using his oceanic mojo, the shark god placed a curse-spell over the misbehaving humans, turning them into what could only be called "were-sharks" that he could command ,on occasion, to do his bidding without question. The were-sharks could always be recognized on land as humans with large shark tattoos that Kamoho branded right onto their backs. When they were required to do a service for the King of the Sharks, they would answer the call, dropping whatever it was they were doing on land and heading directly for the beach and crashing surf, where they lumbered in to the chaotic waters and transformed. It was NOT considered a good thing to become a member of the shark-men club, so it paid NOT to misbehave or get too big for yourself on the Hawaiian Islands!

Kamapua'a: The Boar-God
Kamapua'a: The Boar-God
Kamoho was the older brother of the Hawaiian volcano goddess, Pele, and out of all of the large family they were both a part of, only he jumped to assist her when it was decided that she should have to marry the fairly-ugly Kamapua'a, the boar-god, half man, half hog. Then, as now, older brothers tended to be very protective of their little sisters, and Kamoho was no different! Later on, Pele herself would chase off the advances of the nasty boar-god, but Kamoho was always remembered afterwards as the one who came to her aid and who helped her in her quest to rid herself and the land of Kamapua'a...
So, if you're ever down Hawaii-way, make sure to drop a little kava into the waters around the dark-volcanic sand beaches and watch out for any sinister looking fins out past the safety of shore. One never knows when Kamoho might be drifting out at sea, lying in wait, biding his time to take a bite out of a suspicious looking swimmer!

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