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The Greek gods are probably the most famous of all of the pantheons in Western culture. Many stories have been told about them and they are linked to many things in our ordinary lives. Nike shoes? Yep. Movies, book series, comic books...the Greek Pantheon is very connected to us in modern day! Who are these amazing gods and goddesses, monster and heroes? Well, that's a tough one, as there are literally hundreds of names to be named. However, we can break them down into several main groups:

THE TITANS (The gods BEFORE the gods!)

THE OLYMPIANS (The gods who ruled over humanity from Mount Olympus in Greece)

HEROES (Adventurers and warriors like Hercules and Perseus, as well as heroines like Atalanta!)

MONSTERS (Incredible beasts, creatures and things with sharp, pointy teeth!)

GROUPS (Groups of mythological beings who often stick together for a purpose...the Fates, etc.)

LESSER (BUT STILL INTERESTING!) GREEK FIGURES - Scores of cool characters who did some pretty freaky and amazing things throughout Greek mythology!

PLACES (Major locations mentioned throughout Greek mythology)

THE GREEK ORIGIN STORY - How things all began in the Greek work according to mythology!

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