The ancient Greeks really and seriously believed in righting wrongs that happened in the world, and that if you didn't fix your ways, the gods would take care of it for you...usually in a way that you wouldn't like.
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The Greek god Alastor was no different; he was the spirit of family blood feuds. Not the kind where neighbors try to "one up" each other, but the kind where families literally go to war with each other, sometimes over decades and generations, and usually over something little and dumb (though sometimes it was over something fairly serious, like the murder of a family member by a different family. Think Mafia revenge and you'd be close!). Alastor got those juicy feuds rolling; got the fists flying, spears shaking and the blood spilling. He was also known for placing the infliction of vengeance upon a new generation for the crimes of their fathers. In other words, he made sure the kids of the fighting families got in on the action, too, as soon as they were old enough. And on and on.

He was most likely a son of Nyx, which is no shock, as she is the Goddess of Night.

Alastor was closely identified with the Erinyes (AKA the Furies), who punished murderers. However, Alastor inspired anger towards the family of the murderer rather than anger towards just the murderer, which is what the Erinyes inspired. He was a very minor god, but he served his purpose. When it's said that the Greeks had a god for every purpose or reason, they really weren't kidding!

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